Sunshine and…Summer Camp time!

It’s that time of year again, and summer camps are in full swing…no pun intended! Are you looking for activities to enhance your existing summer camp? Treetop Quest is a wonderful activity for summer camps because it is both educational and recreational, and is suitable for kids age 4 and up.

Kids will have a blast in our trees, swinging and climbing their way to heights of 55 feet, all in the confidence of our safe belay system. Treetop Quest delivers a thrilling adventure, that’s a guarantee! Each guest will adventure for 2.5 hours, and can go through the courses (for their age group) as many times as they can!

Not just another zipline tour, Treetop Quest is an adventure course where participants move through obstacles and ziplines in the beautiful Georgia canopy at their own pace. The experience truly is unforgettable. Don’t believe us? See for yourself! Bring your summer camp group to Treetop Quest and give the kids an experience that will rival any other for summers to come.

A Field Trip in the Trees!


Chick'Pea Course

Nothing says ‘Fantastic Field Trip’ like zipping through the trees! Incorporate nature into your classroom with a trip to Treetop Quest. Kids will have an unforgettable experience as they build confidence moving through our treetop obstacles and gain knowledge about nature and the environment with educational boards located throughout the park. Environmental quizzes at the beginning of the obstacles let kids test their knowledge. Answers are found at the end of the obstacle!

Treetop Quest has 6 levels total, accommodating all skill levels and ages 4 and up. Younger kids will love the Chick Pea course, which is specially designed for our smallest adventurers. Older kids will explore the other 5 courses, depending on their age, where they will swing tree to tree on ropes, climb cargo nets, and maneuver through other challenges.

But what about safety? Treetop Quest uses a safe belay system that is impossible to detach from the lifeline, and all participants go through an orientation to learn how to operate their equipment. And of course our excellent course operators are below at all times for anyone who needs assistance.

Treetop Quest is an ideal field trip for any age and can be combined with programs offered by the GEHC to create a one-of-a-kind experience for your group. Contact us at 770-904-3547 or for more information about availability and rates.

Halloween Dare in the Forest

Halloween Dare in the Forest

The spookiest time of the year is approaching!

It is a time when summer makes way for winter with leaves falling from the trees as the crops go brown. For the Wiccan and the Pagan, it is a moment of remembering the dead and to contemplate this endless cycle of life, death, and eventual rebirth. History has it that it was a time to honor the ancestors and the dead with  influences from the Celtic, Gaelic and Roman traditions  – combining All Saints Day (aka All Hallows), All Hallows Eve and All Souls Day to what we call today, Halloween.

So what do we do on Halloween today?

One of the best part of Halloween is getting the costumes in time and be ready for a night of mingling with friends and family members, pulling some funny pranks while going “Trick or Treat” from door to door. It is also a time to boast one’s creativity through recipes and dishes which you can easily google on and, without forgetting the traditional pumpkin carving (you can do some apple carving too).


Take it to the leafy heights in sheer eerie darkness for more adrenaline!

If you are feeling brave and looking for an out-of-the-ordinary but intensified kind of spookiness for this Halloween, the woods are calling out to you to seek your way to the creepy dark wild nature! It is THE place where forest spirits freely take the form of leafy trees as you stroll under invisible eyes that follow your every movement. Hear the leaves and creatures, dead or alive, whisper to each other before fading out at every owl’s cry. In other words, challenge yourself and your party to a …

Labor Day Nature Fun in the trees!

Labor Day Nature Fun in the trees!


A labor movement created in the late 19th century before it became a federal holiday in 1894, to many Americans, it marks the end of summer where joyful events and colorful parades paint the streets as the crowd watches.




But what’s the real story behind Labor Day?

History has it that in the late 1800s, average Americans and immigrants worked long hours and in an environment that we would qualify today as inadmissible. Young children were not spared as they endured the same fate as their adult counterparts. As uproars and protests became increasingly tense and prominent, riots started in Chicago before spreading to other cities across the country. The first Labor Day march took place in New York City where workers went unpaid so as to be able to participate.

The turning point came when workers’ rights were squarely brought into the public’s view when employees of the Pullman Palace Car Company went in protests followed by the call for a boycott of all Pullman railway cars, aimed at crippling railroad traffic nationwide. Click on the link for a short viewing on the history of Labor Day.

History has shown to us that what we enjoy as holiday today is much far off than what it was in those times. It involved a lot of controversy, uproars and even killings; like in the case of a war (Memorial Day, doesn’t it ring a bell?). So, let’s be thankful and grateful to those who had fought so hard to ensure a brighter future for all generations to come.

It is our responsibility to preserve our natural environment and to pass on to the future generations so that they too, can enjoy what we are enjoying today. We are fortunate that we can avoid such terrible incidents and events in our strive for a better tomorrow. Nevertheless, if we do not start acting today, the price to pay is not any lesser, quite the contrary. Therefore, environmental protection is the first step to environment sustainability. Building environmental awareness and teaching the next generation right from early age through green gestures would be our biggest challenge as it requires the effort of the entire humankind.


Team Building: From Personal Development To Teamwork

Team Building: From Personal Development To Teamwork

With traces dating back to the late 1920s and early 1930s, team building has been regarded in recent years as a modern practice for companies to bring their employees together as a team and to work toward a common goal. In other words, team building is a strategy to improve productivity, to motivate workers’ to pool their talents despite their differences, to blend their strengths and weaknesses together to achieve their common objectives through joint force. To ensure an effective team building event, the participants are brought out from their daily work context to the venue where a  strategically laid out fun activity awaits them.


At Treetop Quest, team building is…

first and foremost, SELF development toward TEAM awareness that leads to effective Teamwork. Team members find themselves surrounded by nature and embraced by the green canopy. At different levels of difficulty, team members are not only given the opportunity to discover their limits, they are also encouraged to trust each other as they face various challenges high up in the trees. Throughout the activity, every team member participates through effective communication as they learn to get to know each other, the nature and environmental preservation and, to commit themselves to succeed in overcoming every obstacle that hinders them from progressing. This is effective for personal growth  because the obstacle course gets the team members out of their comfort zone. By the time they come to the end of the course, they will feel an overflowing sense of accomplishment.

Contrary to a lot of other team building activities, a challenge course such as Treetop Quest offers a lot of mental and physical traits that one can learn from it. It is a fun learning experience that allows oneself to improve confidence, problem solving, self-efficacy, self-concept, trust, teamwork and communication.

If you are seeking for ideas for your team building event, feel free to contact us or better still, come over and go right up in the trees and see for yourself.

 Who says we ain’t friends?

Zipline for some cool fun

Ziplines have come a long way to being what it is today. From its purpose as bridges to go across rivers in mountain areas in China and to transport/deliver goods in some other parts of the world, it has become a sheer recreational pleasure to children and adults alike.



Today, ziplines come in many forms and offers great fun. A smaller-scale zip line at lower speed is known as Flying Fox.

At Treetop Quest, ziplining is a well-earned “fly-break” after having succeeded in overcoming different obstacle workshops. Enjoy the back-to-back zipline course at level 3 and let yourself fly through the trees. Feel the cool windy breeze even in summer!

Our ziplines are totally hassle free as you do not have to slow down with your gloves and they even guarantee soft landings. Now, how’s that for a treat? Do yourself a favor and check this out.

Healthy Living: Workout in Nature

Healthy Living: Workout in Nature

Everybody agrees that working out and eating right are ways to stay healthy. We have seen the outbreak of aerobics in the late 70s, the growing business of fitness and dance centers, private clubs that offer amenities such as golf and tennis courts, wellbeing centers as well as the current workout craze, the Zumba Fitness and the list just goes on and on. Many of us must have tried at least one of the above and many of us have resisted. Being overweighed (even the slightest) is a problem that many of us face time and again. Worse still, obesity is a global issue nowadays especially for the up and coming generations. And for the more fortunate ones, losing some pounds remains a “seasonal affair” like for example, summertime.


Let’s just face it, despite all warnings and preventions, we just can’t resist temptations. Have you never ever heard someone or even yourself saying, “ I’m dying for a burger/a banana split/a doughnut… “? Funnily, we tend to say this kind of stuff more often when we are trying desperately to lose weight.


Other than losing weigh, environmental protection is also a huge global issue. Environmentalists strive in their continuous efforts to remind us of our responsibilities in taking care of Mother Nature and  understanding the environment that we live in.

At Treetop Quest, tree climbing has evolved into an activity where edutainment is part of healthy living. With its environmental  fun trivia and defying activities in the treetops, losing weight is just as easy as ABC! Want to know why? Because with Treetop Quest, the focus is switched from “I’m dying for an ice-cream sundae” to “How am I gonna get to the other side?”. If you want to treat yourself to some thrill and laughter plus a few pounds less through working out in the nature while attempting the fun quiz, start by letting your fingers do the work and click here


Treetop Quest, because you’re worth it.
See you soon in the trees!
Swing the wedding jitters away in the trees

Swing the wedding jitters away in the trees

What is a Bachelor/Bachelorette party?

It is a party to celebrate the last night of singlehood of a groom-to-be. The task of organizing a bachelor party is traditionally assigned to a male sibling of the bachelor or to the best man. The bachelor party first came about in the 5th century, where the Spartan military comrades would feast and toast one another on the eve of a friend’s wedding.

By the sexual revolution of the 1960s, the ladies have echoed the longstanding tradition of the bachelor party with their own get-together, the Bachelorette party. Typically it is the maid of honor or the bride’s sister who hosts the party. It is often planned to follow the wedding shower, bridging one event into the other.

Be it a bachelor or a bachelorette party, an event of such is a good way to relax and to enjoy with friends and families as the Big Day approches. At Treetop Quest, all wedding jitters swing away as nature explores the “WILD” in us and have it sweat out in the melancholy breeze of echoes of laughter, squeals and yells.

For a Wild Funday before the “I do” day, check out this page or message us if you’d like us to help you to customize your event.

Explore the Tarzan in your Dad!

Daddy, Father, Pop, Papa, Poppa – such different ways to refer to a dad. And this is just in English, what about in other languages? So, how do YOU call your dad? Or rather, how do your kids refer to you as their dad?

Many a times, we hear testimonials or read articles expressing how frustrating it is for a dad to be excluded from experiencing what its like having a baby during the 9-month pregnancy. Compared to the older generations, daddies of the newer generation are participating more actively not only in the upbringing of their child but also in baby chores. And to think that today, it is becoming more and more usual to have home makers who are dads, in other words, a “home dad”. This leads us to a reflexion: Is paternal love becoming more maternal? Then again, does it really matter?


As the largest marsupial, a male kangaroo is referred to as a boomer, jack or buck while the baby is a joey. One would think of a four-legged animal when we refer to a “Bull”, “Cow” and a “Calf”. To the surprise of many, this is not the case! In fact, these words refer to a family of dolphins –  ”Bull” for the papa dolphin, “Cow” for the mama dolphin and “Calf” for the baby.


Father’s Day is a supposedly a privilege day for all fathers where the whole family comes together to express and to share the endless and unconditional love. At Treetop Quest, everyday is a day of love sharing and healthy living. Treetop Quest obstacle course guarantees fun physical activities with picnic areas in the midst of nature. Video or take a picture of your Tarzan dad in the trees and share it with us on our Facebook page.

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