Project and Development

Who We Are

Treetop Quest is a holding company that specializes in outdoor adventure activities. Backed by 10 years experience, we design, develop and operate adventure parks across France.

Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, our first adventure park in the USA was opened in 2011 within the Gwinnett County area, located in  Buford, GA.

Our adventure park

Consists of fun and exhilarating outdoor activity, in a forest with platforms installed on trees at heights ranging from 3 to 55 feet above ground. These platforms are connected by bridges with various configurations of rope, wood, cable and zip lines. Participants move from tree to tree in different adrenaline stimulating ways at their own pace.

All participants are secured with tree climbing equipment such as harness, pulley and ropes.

Great laughs and new experiences are part of our courses which are adapted and accessible to:

-all ages ranging from 4 to 99 year old
-all levels of skill

To get more information about our future parks in the USA or having one built right in your back yard contact us below:

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