Healthy Living: Workout in Nature

Everybody agrees that working out and eating right are ways to stay healthy. We have seen the outbreak of aerobics in the late 70s, the growing business of fitness and dance centers, private clubs that offer amenities such as golf and tennis courts, wellbeing centers as well as the current workout craze, the Zumba Fitness and the list just goes on and on. Many of us must have tried at least one of the above and many of us have resisted. Being overweighed (even the slightest) is a problem that many of us face time and again. Worse still, obesity is a global issue nowadays especially for the up and coming generations. And for the more fortunate ones, losing some pounds remains a “seasonal affair” like for example, summertime.


Let’s just face it, despite all warnings and preventions, we just can’t resist temptations. Have you never ever heard someone or even yourself saying, “ I’m dying for a burger/a banana split/a doughnut… “? Funnily, we tend to say this kind of stuff more often when we are trying desperately to lose weight.

 Treetop Quest Jump
Other than losing weigh, environmental protection is also a huge global issue. Environmentalists strive in their continuous efforts to remind us of our responsibilities in taking care of Mother Nature and  understanding the environment that we live in.

At Treetop Quest, tree climbing has evolved into an activity where edutainment is part of healthy living. With its environmental  fun trivia and defying activities in the treetops, losing weight is just as easy as ABC! Want to know why? Because with Treetop Quest, the focus is switched from “I’m dying for an ice-cream sundae” to “How am I gonna get to the other side?”. If you want to treat yourself to some thrill and laughter plus a few pounds less through working out in the nature while attempting the fun quiz, start by letting your fingers do the work and click here


Treetop Quest Line

Treetop Quest, because you’re worth it.
See you soon in the trees!