Labor Day Nature Fun in the trees!

A labor movement created in the late 19th century before it became a federal holiday in 1894, to many Americans, it marks the end of summer where joyful events and colorful parades paint the streets as the crowd watches.

But what’s the real story behind Labor Day?

History has it that in the late 1800s, average Americans and immigrants worked long hours and in an environment that we would qualify today as inadmissible. Young children were not spared as they endured the same fate as their adult counterparts. As uproars and protests became increasingly tense and prominent, riots started in Chicago before spreading to other cities across the country. The first Labor Day march took place in New York City where workers went unpaid so as to be able to participate.

The turning point came when workers’ rights were squarely brought into the public’s view when employees of the Pullman Palace Car Company went in protests followed by the call for a boycott of all Pullman railway cars, aimed at crippling railroad traffic nationwide. Click on the link for a short viewing on the history of Labor Day.

History has shown to us that what we enjoy as holiday today is much far off than what it was in those times. It involved a lot of controversy, uproars and even killings; like in the case of a war (Memorial Day, doesn’t it ring a bell?). So, let’s be thankful and grateful to those who had fought so hard to ensure a brighter future for all generations to come.

It is our responsibility to preserve our natural environment and to pass on to the future generations so that they too, can enjoy what we are enjoying today. We are fortunate that we can avoid such terrible incidents and events in our strive for a better tomorrow. Nevertheless, if we do not start acting today, the price to pay is not any lesser, quite the contrary. Therefore, environmental protection is the first step to environment sustainability. Building environmental awareness and teaching the next generation right from early age through green gestures would be our biggest challenge as it requires the effort of the entire humankind.