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“Awesome Adventure for the whole famiy”


SpiderQuest is a new & exciting way to have a great outdoor family adventure! I was invited to attend the ribbon-cutting ceremony, with my family, and we were given the opportunity to participate in this one-of-a-kind activity. Suspended, high in the trees, you will find a large safety net – within that net is this amazing playground for anyone who can reach their hands to 4’5″ (flat-footed, no tippy toes!)….” READ The entire review HERE.




MacaroniKid Sandy-Springs visited Spider Quest

“You have heard me talk about Treetop Quest.  I think its Atlanta’s best kept secret and I want to change that.  This past March, I did my 9 year old daughter’s birthday at Treetop Quest.  You can read the review HERE.  Also last year my family and I went there for the first time, read my reviewHERE.  

Last week, I pulled my kids out of school early after they took the CRCT.  (I figured they were not doing anything major after a day of testing anyway). We went to Treetop Quest to check out their new obstacle course: Spider Quest.   This is the FIRST ever seen in the US!  It is a Treetop Obstacle Course above a Giant Safety Net; no harness needed! It a one hour activity, for children able to reach their hand to 4’5” flat-footed, adults ­ 2 levels, 30 obstacles, 2 tree-houses, and a giant slide!  The Net has a 20,000 square foot surface…” 

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