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Adventures in Heights

Discover the fun of moving through the Georgia canopy at your own pace with ziplines, monkey bridges or Tarzan jumps.

“Thrills guaranteed!”

Treetop Quest’s adventure park will challenge you physically and mentally as you maneuver from tree to tree through obstacles and zip-lines. With courses designed specifically for kids and higher more challenging courses ideal for teens and adults, our activity accommodates nearly any adventurer!

Treetop Quest is a self guided activity. Once you are equipped, we will teach you how to operate your equipment and you will be good to swing through each course as many times as you want, for 2.5 hours (according to age limits you will find here). Briefings begin every half hour during our regular hours of operation with the last one 2.5 hours before park closing. Reservations are highly recommended.

2 Atlanta Locations:


Accommodating adventurers as young as 4 years old, our Gwinnett location offers courses ranging from ‘easy’ to ‘very challenging.’ Our treetop obstacles and zip lines offer a thrilling and unique experience in the heart of Mother Nature. Enjoy the birds eye view of the forest canopy from heights up to 60 feet! More than 70 obstacles await you as you move swiftly past the branches.

Also at our Gwinnett location, the thrilling Spider Quest provides a sense of freedom as participants move through treetop obstacles with no harness! Situated directly above a giant safety net, Spider Quest allows a harness-free experience.

our activity

Please click here for more specific information about our Gwinnett location.