Team Building: From Personal Development To Teamwork

With traces dating back to the late 1920s and early 1930s, team building has been regarded in recent years as a modern practice for companies to bring their employees together as a team and to work toward a common goal. In other words, team building is a strategy to improve productivity, to motivate workers’ to pool their talents despite their differences, to blend their strengths and weaknesses together to achieve their common objectives through joint force. To ensure an effective team building event, the participants are brought out from their daily work context to the venue where a  strategically laid out fun activity awaits them.


At Treetop Quest, team building is…

first and foremost, SELF development toward TEAM awareness that leads to effective Teamwork. Team members find themselves surrounded by nature and embraced by the green canopy. At different levels of difficulty, team members are not only given the opportunity to discover their limits, they are also encouraged to trust each other as they face various challenges high up in the trees. Throughout the activity, every team member participates through effective communication as they learn to get to know each other, the nature and environmental preservation and, to commit themselves to succeed in overcoming every obstacle that hinders them from progressing. This is effective for personal growth  because the obstacle course gets the team members out of their comfort zone. By the time they come to the end of the course, they will feel an overflowing sense of accomplishment.

Contrary to a lot of other team building activities, a challenge course such as Treetop Quest offers a lot of mental and physical traits that one can learn from it. It is a fun learning experience that allows oneself to improve confidence, problem solving, self-efficacy, self-concept, trust, teamwork and communication.

If you are seeking for ideas for your team building event, feel free to contact us or better still, come over and go right up in the trees and see for yourself.