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The Adventure

Treetop Quest is located in the heart of Brook Run Park, the largest park in Dunwoody and the region. Join us for an exciting and unique experience in the trees. We’ll equip you with a harness and teach you how to operate the equipment and then you’ll be free to zip and climb under the canopy of our beautiful forest. We’re just 20 minutes from downtown Atlanta, our Dunwoody location brings adventure right to your back door!

2341 Peeler Road, Dunwoody, GA 30338


Explore over 60 obstacles and zip-lines in the trees!

Ticket prices are based on age, not individual courses.

Chickpea Course | Age 4-6

A fun challenge for our youngest adventurers + Trampoline net. Ground supervision required.

Level 1 | Age 7+

Beginner course for kids and adults.

Level 2's | Age 7+

Intermediate course for a fun family challenge.

Level 3 | Age 7+

All zip-lines… an adrenaline rush without the work!

Level 4 | Age 12+

Difficult course to challenge your strength & balance.

Season Pass

Unlimited climbing and zipping anytime, any day.



Make it a day to remember with our exciting birthday package. We provide the adrenaline and you provide the smiles! 

Groups & Celebrations

Adventure for everyone! Groups of 11 or more.

Season Passes

Treetop Quest Season Passes:

Gift certificates

Give the gift of an outdoor adventure with a Treetop Quest Gift Certificate.

Perfect for anyone from 4 to 100 years old.


How it works

We’ll supply you with a state-of-the-art equipment for your time in the trees. Our highly trained teams will guide you through a detailed briefing and practice session before heading onto the courses. The activity is self-guided and our teams are available on the ground if you need assistance.

Contact Us

Melanie W

This place is absolutely amazing! A total hidden gem. We came here for our softball party and had an absolute blast. There are courses for all levels and some really sweet/high and long zip lines. The staff is so patient and kind. We will definitely be back!! Thank you!!!!


When you hear the kids thanking your son for having his party there, you know you did well. Six 11-year-olds had an absolute blast! It was the first time for some, and everyone loved it. Great change from arcades and bounce houses. The blue shirts were all courteous and helpful.

Michael R

Our family of five (kids are 12, 12, and 15) just went on saturday. It was exactly the family stuff that we need this summer. Courses go from easy to difficult so you can go as hard as you like. Much better than watching the kids play on their phones. We had a blast!

Speak P

I went to experience this adventure with my son. We had a great time. I was able to do this even though I have a fear of heights. I will definitely go back. And the staff are pleasant, knowledgeable, & professional.

Bethanne S

Flying through the tree tops is the best way to zip line! All of the obstacles were fun & challenging. I've done other high ropes obstacles courses but this one is the best because of the location. So cool to be in the trees!

Shannon O

This place was great! My kids are 10 and 11 … they both gave it 5 stars! They lasted the full 2 1/2 hours of tree climbing. The staff was very helpful if you needed it!

Brandon R.

We had the best time! My youngest turned 10, and she wanted to have her Birthday party here. So glad she did! And the staff were really helpful!

Raeshawn C

My daughter and her cheer team had a team building activity. Treetop was very professional and informative. Definitely felt safe letting her complete the courses. The staff was readily available if one needed support transitioning. Would definitely recommend it. This place is truly a hidden gem 💎.

Jayna P

My family and I went here today to do something different. I love that this was not too far from our house and the kids loved it so much. The price is reasonable for the fact that we were there for more than 2 hours. The parents had a great time as well and we are definitely coming back again.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the activity guided?

Our activity is self-guided. Everyone attends a briefing to learn about the equipment and then goes through a practice course before starting the activity.

Staff members are stationed on the ground and are present to ensure participants’ safety. If needed, they will go up onto the courses to provide assistance with obstacles or help should a participant wish to stop halfway through the course.

Is the course regulated and inspected by local authorities?

Treetop Quest built its course in compliance with Standards EN 15567-1 & EN 15567-2. The courses and the trees are inspected annually by a third party inspector and daily by our staff. We use a belay system that is impossible to detach from the lifeline, unless on ground level. Treetop Quest follows all standards provided by the Association for Challenge Course Technology (ACCT).

What is the required minimum age?

The Chick Pea course is available to children age 4-6. Safety is ensured by a continuous belay system where the child is constantly attached to the lifeline throughout the course.

However, adult supervision is mandatory (non-participating, free of charge). The age limits for each course are firm rules and cannot be negotiated. We know that each child is different and has different capabilities, however, we cannot make an exceptions. Thank you for understanding!

What should I bring?
  • A copy of your reservation if you made one.
  • A signed waiver. Participating minors must have a waiver signed by a parent or legal guardian. Complete these online or we have extra copies at the front desk. -Feel free to bring drinks or snacks. All food and drinks must stay at picnic areas.
  • Take as many photos as you’d like! There are trails underneath the courses for spectators to watch friends and family in the trees.
  • Closed toe shoes and comfortable clothing.
  • Hair ties for longer hair is required. Rubber bands are provided if you forget to bring your own.
  • Bug spray if you are prone to insect bites.
  • Sunscreen if you prefer, however, the activity is mostly shaded by trees.
  • Parks are pet friendly, with leashes, and attended at all times by an adult.
  • A non-participating adult if you have kids age 4-6 years old. This age requires an adult supervising from the ground for the duration of the activity. Please do not leave your small children unattended. Our staff is here to ensure safety on the courses and cannot do that effectively and look after small children outside of their course activity.
Do I need to participate with my child?

An adult can opt to remain on the ground if he/she does not want to participate. Children 4-6 years old MUST have one on-ground supervisor for the duration of the activity.

Can I climb with my child?

Definitely! You can share the fun by climbing with your child as young as 7 years old.

Is there a free locker provided?

We do not currently offer locker service.

How high is the course? How long does it take to finish?

Height varies according to the level of difficulty. Level 1 reaches up to 15 feet while level 4 reaches 60 feet. Each course takes about 30 minutes to complete.

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