Rights of Access

Treetop Quest adventure course access is opened to any person in good health and without any mental problems with height and any other health problems (heart problems, back, neck and/or spinal problems, psychological disorders…) which may be risky or dangerous. This activity is NOT recommended for mothers-to-be. The activity is prohibited to any person who is and/or is assumed to be under the influence of alcohol, drugs and/or any abusive substances that can alter alertness, physical capacity and/or slow down reflexes.

Upon payment, a general admission ticket gives access to all courses as according to the size and age of the participant for a limited duration of 2½ hours.

This payment can be made at the front desk onsite by credit card, check, or cash, and through online secured payment facility available on www.TreetopQuest.com

All participants and non-participating visitors can have access to the premises on condition that they must agree to comply with any applicable provision of these Rules and Regulations that are listed on our website, at the front desk onsite, or by phone.

Rights of Exclusion

Treetop Quest reserves the right to exclude or dismiss without any refund of fee, any person whose conduct is believed to be harmful to him/herself or other visitors and/or any person not complying with all present rules. Treetop Quest cannot assume responsibility for non-compliance from safety rules or the disregarding of the current established rules and regulations.

Individual Reservation:

For late arrivals Treetop Quest will not guaranty availability of equipment. Participants arriving late will have to wait for the next available time slot. Otherwise no refunds will be accorded.

Any changes to existing reservation must be done at least 72 hours prior to the due date. Changes made in less than 72 hours will not be entitled to any refund.

According to availability, Treetop Quest will do its best to reschedule your date and time for your treetop adventure. If no date is set up, no reimbursement will be made.

Cancellation by the client:

In the event cancellation occurs while the park is in operation no refund will be made.

Modification or cancellation by Treetop Quest:

Treetop Quest reserves the right to cancel any reservation in case of dangerous weather conditions or emergency maintenance of any of the Activities resulting to a date and/or time change.

If Treetop Quest is required to conceits course of activity before the client could start his/her treetop adventure, a re-scheduling to another date will be sent to the client.

If the service is cancelled after the client was equipped or has started the briefing session, clients less than halfway through their climbing time will be entitled to a rain check ticket valid during regular hours of operations for the rest of the season.

Conditions for Online booking

The Internet user selects the time and day of his visit, and settles the required full amount by credit card via the secured online payment facility. The user will then receive a receipt that will serve as proof of payment when he/she arrives to the Adventure Course. Upon receipt of a payment, Treetop Quest allots the number of Personal Protective Equipment required on the chosen date and time.

No other mail will be sent to the purchaser as the receipt serves as confirmation to a reservation.

Conditions for Group reservations

A quote will be established and e-mailed to the client for all group reservation requests. The total amount of the activity is calculated based on the estimated volume of participants due to arrive on a selected date.

In order to reserve, the client must pay the required deposit to hold space for their group.

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